Former Krka head basketball Coach Nend Trajkovic, was recruited by Belgum’s Voo Verviers-Pepinster, to lead their basketball team into 2012/2013 seasson. Belgum’s Voo Verviers-Pepinster has very limited budget to get players and very young team, but Coach Trajkovic is not afraid of the challenge.

Due to its financial situation and debt from the past, Belgum’s Voo Verviers-Pepinster has decided to recruit young and unknown players. Philosophy is to recruit young and anonymous Belgiban basketball players and develop them into better players who can add more value in the second or third season of Coach Trajkovic Contract.

Trajkovic plans to bring anonymous foreign players which will develop good statistics for themselves, and then trade them during the season to generate extra cash flow which will help Belgum’s Voo Verviers-Pepinster financlly basketball club during the season.

Coach Trajkovic is excited about the challenge of taking such young basketball club to another level.